Use AYPHEAT10 at checkout for 10% Off All Non-Music Purchases
(excludes custom pin orders & gift certificates & CODE CANNOT BE APPLIED AFTER AN ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED)

Use the AYP gift registry to email your friends about stuff that you want them to buy you.

1.  Log onto your account.
2.  Click the Manage Gift Registrys button.
3.  Click to Create a New Registry, fill in the appropriate fields and click Continue.
4.  Add the stuff you want to your shopping cart, and then click the Add To Registry button.
5.  Repeat for all of the stuff you want.
6.  When you're done adding stuff go back to Account Home and click Manage Gift Registries.
7.  Click Notify Friends, then add everybody's email address and click Send Messages.
8.  Your friends will then be emailed a link to  When they click the link your gift registry will come up and they will be able to order some or all of the items.  They will be required to set up an AYP account before they can check out.
9.  Your gift registry will show which items have been ordered, so if you dont want to know what you're getting DO NOT check the registry after you notify friends. 
10.  You can add more items to the registry and re-email the registry link at any time.
11.  Please note that items in your gift registry are NOT held for you.  The longer people wait to order those items the more likely those items will sell out.