Use SPARKLEAYP10 at checkout for 10% Off All Non-Music Purchases
(excludes custom pin orders & gift certificates & CODE CANNOT BE APPLIED AFTER AN ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED)
AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS is our rewards program that gives you discounts on future orders.
AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS are issued when your order is PROCESSED.  The amount of points you accumulate transfers into $ that you may use for online purchases. 
Your online account will keep track of your AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS.  When you checkout on your next order you will be given the option to use some or all of your AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS (make sure to enter the # of points you want to use, not the dollar amount of those points).
You receive 1 AYP PUNK ROCK POINT for each dollar you spend (not including shipping).  Each AYP PUNK ROCK POINT is worth $.05 (5 cents).
Example:  If you place an order for $100 you will receive 100 AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS.  100 points = $5 cash toward your next order.
You may only use AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS in the account that was used to place the original order.  You may not transfer AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS to a different account.
You may not trade in your AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS for cash.
AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS may only be used for online purchases.  We will not accept  points for use in our retail store.
AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS are not issued for Gift Certificates.  Points are issued when the gift certificate is used.
When you redeem AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS you do not earn any new points on that order.
AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS are not issued for returns/exchanges.
AYP PUNK ROCK POINTS are not issued for Wholesale customers.