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International Orders

We do not ship Sun or Mon.
  We are a small brick & mortar shop & we are CLOSED Sun & Mon!

-We accept credit cards and Paypal from most of Europe, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, & Japan. 

- We accept Afterpay Payments from the UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand for customers 18 years of age or older.

*We will not accept credit card payments to Suites/Companies that then ship orders out of the US to foreign countries.  Orders will be canceled and refunded.  You can pay with Paypal for the shipping and processing of these orders.

- We do not offer free International Shipping and do not reimburse Return Shipping from returned International orders.
-Orders from Africa and Asia/Southeast Asia & Eastern Europe & South America we will require payment using Paypal. 

-International orders MUST ship to the credit card's billing address or registered Paypal address.
-All prices are in US dollars.  Your credit card or paypal will be charged in US dollars, then your bank/paypal will convert the amount to your home currency before posting it to your account.

- USPS 1st Class & Priority chosen Shipping may be delayed longer than our normal Domestic shipping as we must have 5 International packages to ship at one time. USPS International orders usually ship 1x time per week. 

We ship all International USPS orders in bulk of 5 or more packages with one bulk shipping label.  Once it leaves us that box sits about a week in NJ at an International Global Post shipping hub waiting for the box to be opened and each package individually scanned.  Once each label is scanned your order will show movement.  From there packages go to Jamacia NY to clear US Customs and then onto your Country. 
We suggest using Fed Ex to Canada if you do not want to wait as long as Fed Ex ships more often.  They do tend to charge more duty/import tax fees than USPS.

-Please check with your local post office for any taxes, tariffs, fees etc. you may need to pay before you can pick up your package.  If it comes back to us because you refused to pay the fees we will not refund it!!!!
AYP will NOT pay these duties, our shipping and handling charges only cover the freight charges, you will need to pay any import taxes/duties/brokerage fees.  
-USPS International Priority Mail averages 6-10 days for delivery, but this is NOT a guaranteed service and often takes 2 weeks or longer.  International USPS 1st Class is usually 2-4 weeks, but this is also not guaranteed.  This timeframe is once a package clears US Customs.

-You must follow your tracking and reach out to us if there is an issue.  If an item is lost we only have 90 days from the day it shipped to assist you with Global Post.  If you wait longer than that to contact us with a shipping issue we cannot assist.
-We cannot ship your package as a "GIFT". 
We are required by law to accurately fill out all customs information, including the value of the merchandise, otherwise it is considered "mail fraud" and we could be subject to fines and/or criminal prosecution. 

~You will have to pay the full amount of any required import taxes, duties and brokerage fees from your Country~

Order directly on the website using your APO/FPO shipping address.  USPS domestic shipping rates will apply.