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Roller Derby Clothing

Roller derby and punk seem to go hand in hand, and the fashion behind it certainly backs that up! Go to any derby match and you’ll see gals gussied up in black, plaid, fishnets, bandanas and other punk rock staples. Roller derby clothing often incorporates terminology from the sport, such as "jammer” or some more offensive terms. The clothing really captures a mix of typically "girly” things paired with a tough, punk, take-no-prisoners attitude. That fierce, fearsome femininity can be shocking to some, so the fashion must match. Punk fishnets are a great example of clothing that captures that charm paired with moxie. What better way to bring shock and awe than to take clothing normally reserved for the office or sultry outfits and wear it while engaging in a highly physical sport?! Even wearing a dress makes for a great way being proud punk, feminine and tough all at once! Check out all of our girls punk clothing, from roller derby clothes to bathing suits and more on!