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Guys Kilts


The kilt is a highly culturally centered article of clothing, dating back to late 16th century Europe. The kilt was widely used in the military, and to date, still gets worn in demonstrations and parades across Europe, and even the United States. Punk kilts are a bit different, though equally militant in their own right. For a punk, wearing a kilt can mean many different things, like militant dissent against the norm. Like most guys punk clothing, kilts are mostly made in the black or tartan/plaid designs common to the culture. A few punk rock clothing brands such as Tripp NYC and Tiger of London make some different variations on the kilt. Some include studs and safety pins, while others may have D-rings and straps. Kilts are usually long, but leave enough room to show off your Doc’s or whatever else you may wear with them. They make for great canvases for patches and buttons, too! View our selections on!