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Discharge- Societys Victims Vol 2 2xLP (UK Import!)

Discharge- Societys Victims Vol 2 2xLP (UK Import!)
Discharge- Societys Victims Vol 2 2xLP (UK Import!)
SKU: letv522lp.phd
Band/Title: Discharge
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Imported from the UK!

A1 Grave New World 4:12
A2 City Of Fear 3:09
A3 Lost Tribe Rising 3:01
A4 Shootin' Up The World 2:34
A5 Leaders Deceivers 2:32
A6 You Deserve Me 1:55
A7 Almost Alive 2:15
B1 Corpse Of Decadence 2:19
B2 Trust 'Em 1:49
B3 M.A.D. 1:52
B4 Hype Overload 2:48
B5 You 2:39
B6 What Do I Get? 2:24
B7 Hell Is War 1:42
B8 Hell Is War (2004 Version) 1:38
B9 The More I See (2004 Version) 1:50
C1 State Violence, State Control (2004 Version) 2:08
C2 Never Again (2004 Version) 2:01
C3 You Take Part In Creating The System (2004 Version) 1:28
C4 The Nightmare Continues (Live 2004) 1:50
C5 A Hell On Earth, (Live 2004) 1:48
C6 Realities Of War (Live 2004) 1:10
C7 The Possibility Of Life's Destruction (Live 1983) 1:23
C8 The Final Blood Bath (Live 1983) 1:33
C9 Doomsday (Live 1983) 2:27
C10 Drunk With Power 2:38
C11 Why? (Live 1983) 1:05
C12 Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles (Live 1983) 0:55
D1 Decontrol (Live 1983) 4:12
D2 Warning (Live New Jersey) 3:18
D3 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Live New Jersey) 1:22
D4 Protest And Survive (Live New Jersey) 2:24
D5 In Defence Of Our Future (Live New Jersey) 2:34
D6 State Violence, State Control (Live New Jersey) 2:54
D7 The Price Of Silence (Live New Jersey) 2:24
D8 The Blood Runs Red (Live New Jersey) 1:41

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