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Side By Side- You're Only Young Once LP (Grey Vinyl)

Side By Side- You're Only Young Once LP (Grey Vinyl)
Side By Side- You're Only Young Once LP (Grey Vinyl)
SKU: rev005lp.rev---AMA
Band/Title: Side By Side
Label: Revelation
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Price: $18.99
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INFO: The You're Only Young Once... EP was the only release from the NYHC youth-crew era band SIDE BY SIDE. The original EP was recorded in 1998 and later expanded to include unreleased studio, live, and practice recordings. This 22-track LP also features "Fuck Your Attitude" written by WARZONE and "Sick Of Things The Way They Are" written by YOUTH BRIGADE. SIDE BY SIDE shared three of five members with GORILLA BISCUITS, and drummer Sammy Siegler has gone on to play in many other related bands like JUDGE, YOUTH OF TODAY, CIV, GLASSJAW, PROJECT X, and RIVAL SCHOOLS.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Backfire 2. My Life To Live 3. Living A Lie 4. Look Back 5. You're Only Young Once 6. Friends 7. Side By Side 8. Dead Serious 9. The Time Is Now 10. Living A Lie 11. Side By Side (demo) 12. Violence To Fade (demo) 13. You're Only Young Once (demo) 14. My Life To Live (demo) 15. Dead Serious (demo) 16. So Fucking Blind (demo) 17. Violence To Fade 18. So Fucking Blind 19. Fuck Your Attitude (live) 20. Good Clean Fun (live) 21. Sick Of Things The Way They Are (live) 22. Side By Side (live)

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