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Jesse Malin- The Heat CD (D Generation) (Sale price!)

Jesse Malin- The Heat CD (D Generation) (Sale price!)
Jesse Malin- The Heat CD (D Generation) (Sale price!)
Band/Title: Jesse Malin
Label: Artemis
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Product Details
Jesse Malin once led an incendiary band called D Generation - a loud, obnoxious cross between the Ramones and the NY Dolls that burned out before they could fade away. Believe it or not, this is better.

Jesse has always written sharp tales of the city. Tales that are grittier than those of Bruce or Neil, and more poignant than Lou's. "The Heat" is filled with more of those songs, yet comes off as a superior follow-up to "The Fine Art of Self Destruction." Perhaps this is because Jesse relies more on his abundant talent and rides less on the coattails of Ryan Adams. Having Mr. Adams produce and play guitar on your album is a wonderful thing, but the further Jesse moves from the dead-end of Americana, the better off he'll be.

"The Heat" moves him to a unique point between Dolls/Reed/Ramones New York punk and the sincere-but-too-subdued territory of "Fine Art..." Every song is a rough diamond that unwinds like a finely detailed short story. This is indeed fine art, and the best new music I've heard this year.

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