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Heath Haynes And The Crying Shames- Spring Release CD (Sale price!)

Heath Haynes And The Crying Shames- Spring Release CD (Sale price!)
Heath Haynes And The Crying Shames- Spring Release CD (Sale price!)
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Heath Haynes and the Crying Shames gives fans a catchy shot of rock and roll fired across the bow of image-conscious, processed pop.  The music is passionate, original, and infectious.  The group's debut album was named Spring Release.  The mid-tempo soul of "Carry You Home" showcases Heath's down-to-earth singing, while the jangle hook of "Shot My Heart" offers percussive punch and perfectly placed harmony vocals. The impossibly catchy "Complicated Girl" is an ode to that girl who "brings everybody down/when she comes around" and draws inspiration from the best of 60s pop. The raucous "Get You Off" proves why it's become a live favorite, providing a frenetic counterpoint to the witty barroom country of "12 Steps Away."


After only a few years, the band had already shared a stage with the Supersuckers, Scott Miller & The Commonwealth, The Silos, Jonathan Richman, Dragstrip Syndicate and Supagroup. Think of a modern version of The Replacements or the V-Roys, with influences including The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Cheap Trick, The Sonics and early Who.  Put simply, everything that is fun about rock and roll.

With stellar songwriting skills and a tight sound, Heath's music provides a melodic, power pop alternative to the cookie-cutter sounds currently in overabundance on the radio.

Richmond, Virginia, musician Heath Haynes, the alliteratively named leader of the pure-popping Crying Shames, has been heard to say that his goal is to write songs as catchy as Rick Springfield’s "Jesse’s Girl”. That’s not the kind of mission statement you typically encounter in these pages — or, for that matter, in any pages.

Still, with the first four songs on Spring Release, the band’s debut full-length after a self-released EP, Haynes nails that goal in hooks-aplenty fashion. "Make A Wish”, "Complicated Girl”, "Carry You Home” and "Shot My Heart” should all share a float in the Incredibly Hooky Pop Songs Day parade, right behind the convertible carrying the Incredibly Hooky Pop Songs Day queen tossing copies of Teenage Symphonies To God, It’s A Shame About Ray, and, OK, Working Class Dog into the crowd. (Note: This is not an actual event.)

Elsewhere, rugged poppers "All Time High” and "Hello Fortune Cookie” position Haynes and company as most likely to carry the torch left by the V-Roys. And the country-leaning, Old 97’s-ish "12 Steps Away” shows that Haynes is well on his way should his goal ever shift to writing songs as twangy-catchy as "Big Brown Eyes”.

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