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White Wires- WWIII LP (Sale price!)

White Wires- WWIII LP (Sale price!)
White Wires- WWIII LP (Sale price!)
SKU: zzz114lp.rvr
Band/Title: White Wires
Label: Dirtnap
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Price: $13.99
Product Details
Here it is, the 3rd album from Ottawa Ontario's White Wires, and it's their best one yet! We're not just saying that, either! Much like other recent Dirtnap releases like Mean Jeans On Mars, and Something Fierce's Don't Be So Cruel, WWWIII finds an older, more established band turning in a slightly more "mature" album. They've turned down the irony and turned up the sincerity. Gone (for the most part) are the stupid (in the best possible sense) built-in-punchline party songs that were all over their first 2 albums. In their place is confident, heart-felt pop that's just about the catchiest thing you've ever heard. This is a rock solid album that really hits a stride as it goes along. One thing we've always admired about this band is how each of their albums are very distinct from one another, but are unmistakably, undeniably The White Wires. The first record was the "garage" album, the 2nd was the "punk" album, this one is the pop masterpiece. Get ready!