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Western Addiction- Cognicide LP

Western Addiction- Cognicide LP
Western Addiction- Cognicide LP
SKU: fat698lp.fat
Band/Title: Western Addiction
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Since the release of their first 7” on FAT late in 2003, and the success of their split EP with New Mexican Disaster Squad on No Idea Records in 2004, WESTERN ADDICTION have been hard at work penning the twelve songs that make their first full length, Cognicide. We were lucky enough to have first shot at releasing the album, as all of the members work here at FAT! One of San Francisco’s few old-style hardcore bands, WESTERN ADDICTION give a nod to the days of yore, when punk and hardcore were one cohesive scene, while exploring a sound that is truly all their own. Aggressive and in your face, WESTERN ADDICTION’S bass-line-heavy sound is topped off with metaphoric lyrical content, screamed at brink of vocal chord destruction!