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Negative Step- Conquering Punk 10"

Negative Step- Conquering Punk 10"
Negative Step- Conquering Punk 10"
SKU: deepsix040lp.ebu
Band/Title: Negative Step
Label: Deep Six
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Price: $7.99
Product Details
What the hell can you say about a record that is basically hardcore perfection? Buy it?!?! That about sums it up. These Texans prove their state does do everything bigger and better with this aural churning and burning. There are a handful of great new bands leading a renaissance in oldschool thrash hatecore and NEGATIVE STEP are at the forefront of the movement. Not to mention they are doing their moniker proud with their Y2K2 rediscovery of the path originally burned by bands like NEGATIVE APPROACH and NEGATIVE F/X. While you should indeed continue to make every effort to find that NECROS discography bootleg, you'll be almost as happy with this record and it's easy to pick up from Deep Six Records.