Use MAY10AYP during checkout for 10% Off All Non-Music Purchases 
(excludes wholesale pin orders & gift certificates (CODE CANNOT BE APPLIED AFTER AN ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED)

AYP gift certificates can be used to order directly from our website or use in our retail store 

There is no expiration date for the gift certificates.  They are NOT refundable.

They are sent regular mail - if you want tracking we will need to charge a $4 shipping fee so contact us if you want tracking.


1.  Under the PRODUCT CATALOGUE on the right side of the screen click the GIFT CERTIFICATE link.

2.  Select the dollar amount of the gift certificate and add it to your shopping cart and finish checking out.

3.  An AYP gift card and gift certificate code will be mailed to the credit card's billing address or registered paypal address.  No shipping is charged, it will ship regular first class mail or international first class.

4.  IMPORTANT!  We will ONLY send the gift certificate to the CREDIT CARD'S BILLING ADDRESS OR REGISTERED PAYPAL ADDRESS.  This is to protect ourselves and the cardholder from fraud.  No exceptions, sorry.


1.  On the third page of checking out you will see a space to enter your gift certificate code.

2.  Put in the code and hit the RECALCULATE button to apply it to you order.  If you do not hit the RECALCULATE button it will not add it to your order.

3.  Our website can only apply one gift certificate to your order.  If you have more than one gift certificate please put the additional codes and amounts in the COMMENTS box of the first checkout page.  When we process the order we can manually apply the codes to your order.

4.  If your gift certificate does not cover the full amount of the order you will need to cover the balance with a credit card, or else mail in a check or money order.
5.  Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for Cash.  If you return merchandise ordered with a gift certificate we can exchange it for alternate merchandise or else put the $ back onto the gift certificate.  We cannot issue a Cash refund for merchandise ordered with a gift certificate.