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Flesh Rag- Inside Your Mind LP (Sale price!)

Flesh Rag- Inside Your Mind LP (Sale price!)
Flesh Rag- Inside Your Mind LP (Sale price!)
SKU: fleshraglp
Band/Title: Flesh Rag
Label: Loose Lips
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Price: $11.99
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Click Here To Check Out The Song NIGHTHAWK

Outer Space Motor City Madness.... From Canada’s Steel City, Hamilton

From The Stooges worship title track to the Hawkwind tinged ‘In Another Dimension’; Inside your Mind is a rock n roll celebration in the tradition when great rock bands ruled the earth and rock n roll was king.....

Flesh Rag’s Inside Your Mind is thirteen songs that make up a rock and roll kerosene bomb that takes out the ark and spares those onboard on their own terms. It’s outer space motor city madness, with riffs that work like pistons to drive the whole fucking sonic spectacle forward with no time for piss breaks. The first full length from Flesh Rag is the perfect example of why rock and roll music is the opiate of the masses, and the preferred drug of choice for locked-down losers with a need for power. Flesh Rag is rock and roll salvation, and only believers are gonna be saved.

1.Inside Your Mind 2.Nighthawk 3.In Another Dimension 4.Just One Kiss 5.Sunday Morning 6.Revolution No. 69 7.Upside Down 8.Love Dump 9.Bleed For Me 10.One Foot In The Grave 11.Ballad Of Nova 12.House Of The Rising Scum 13.Inside Your Mind (Reprise)