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Down To Nothing- Unbreakable LP (Color Vinyl) (Sale price!)

Down To Nothing- Unbreakable LP (Color Vinyl) (Sale price!)
Down To Nothing- Unbreakable LP (Color Vinyl) (Sale price!)
SKU: rev146lp.rev
Band/Title: Down To Nothing
Label: Revelation
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Price: $16.99
Product Details
INFO: Down To Nothing started from humble beginnings in 2000. Around that time, local Richmond VA favorites Count Me Out and Time Flies found themselves at the tail end of their careers, making Down To Nothing the perfect fit to fill the void of the two fallen heroes. Like most young bands, DTN's expectations didn't go much further than a little touring and releasing a record. After putting out their first full-length, "Save It For The Birds" in 2003, DTN knew they were bound for more. In the next two years, DTN released two splits: The first came out in 2004 and was with Florida's Kids Like Us (Eulogy Records); the second split was the result of a strong friendship they forged with the UK's On Thin Ice on their first European tour in 2005. The two splits along with three unreleased songs were compiled and released as "Splitting Headache" in 2005. This compilation showed immense growth and acted as a bridge to their most recent work, "The Most." After being out of print for over a year, DTN's "Splitting Headache" and "Save It For The Birds" are finally available again on one special Revelation release, "Unbreakable."

Ltd Ed Color Vinyl.

Vinyl version includes digital download of this record.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Save It For The Birds 2. One Eighty 3. The Normal People 4. Outcome 5. Choke Louder 6. 3 Or 4 Years 7. Pet Peeve 8. Who Are You To Say 9. Honorable Mention Mr. Starky 10. What Goes Around Comes Around 11. Fire Escape 12. Go Ahead Wit Yo' Fake Ass 13. Us V. Each Other 14. I Can't Believe My Eyes 15. Smash It 16. Burn III 17. Unbreakable 18. Home Sweet Home 19. We're On The Run 20. Risk It 21. Skate & Annoy, Vol. 2.0 (Sk8 Or Die) 22. I'm So Lucky