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DOA- Murder LP

DOA- Murder LP
DOA- Murder LP
SKU: sdr0115lp.rvr
Band/Title: DOA
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Murder is a classic D.O.A. release that has not seen the light of day since 1990, so Rip Snortin’ Records is giddy about unearthing this great punk rock album. It came out at the height of the band’s fame and mixes in all the right ingredients: ear-splitting guitar riffs, bombastic drumming, humor and lots of "right to the chin” politics. The album features one of the band’s best lineups: Joey Shithead Keithley, Wimpy Roy, Jon Card and Chris Prohom. Together they blast the listener with non-stop rockers, while also not mincing words with their politics. D.O.A. does not let up on the evils of the world, and thankfully, this is a time-honored stance the band has had from day one to the present. This album also features sterling cover versions of "No Productivity” (Subhumans) and "The Midnight Special” (Leadbelly). A must for old and new D.O.A. fans alike.

• Reissue of classic D.O.A. release from 1990 with one of the band’s best lineups 
• Features covers of Leadbelly and Subhumans