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Capitalist Kids- At A Loss LP

Capitalist Kids- At A Loss LP
Capitalist Kids- At A Loss LP
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Band/Title: Capitalist Kids
Label: Its Alive
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When I gave a first listen to The Capitalist Kids’ newest LP titled At A Loss, I had one of those rare, wonderful "this is it” moments.  This fourteen track album includes everything that I could hope for in a solid pop punk record.  In fact, I got so caught up in this album and nothing but for the past few months, I found it hard to listen to (let alone review) anything else.  It is one of those amazing records that you almost thirst for upon waking up in the morning.  Months later, it still has not gotten old nor repetitive.

At A Loss begins with a self based satirical song "Not ‘95” in which vocalist/bassist Jeff Gammill recounts – with humor – the struggle of being in a pop punk band not only in Austin, Texas but in the year 2014.  Backed by harmonious oohs and ahs, Gammill jokes about the scene, the band’s place in it and its place in modern day music culture.  "It looks like we have skipped a few rehearsals/ It looks like our songs won’t be in commercials/ We’re not going anywhere/ Damn good thing that we don’t care.”  It is the perfect opening track to set the mood to the album.

The third track, "Beginner’s Finnish” is my clear forerunner for the best track on At A Loss.  It is one of those songs, similarly to the album as a whole, that I got hooked on for over a week.  Time after time I replayed the track and got something new out of it while never getting tired.  Although the music in this song is not as complex as it is on others throughout the album, it still is perfectly delivered.  The quickly executed vocals (and even quicker paced wit) would be lost under a more musically complex tune.

Another well-crafted track is "Gender Binary Bop.” The cascading bass line is sure to hook the listener, assuring that the song sticks in your head for hours if not days.  Unlike some other pop punk bands out there, the Capitalist Kids touch on political issues, if even in a light-hearted way.  With all the gender (in)equality consistently being discussed in our scene today, the song is not only relevant but takes on the viewpoint of what is, seemingly, the viewpoint of many.  What your Facebook friends are writing paragraphs about is wonderfully summed up in just a few lines with the lyrics "Let people be themselves and let them live their own lives/ Stop reinforcing all your gender stereotypes/ ‘Cause if it’s OK for a boy, than it’s OK for a girl.”  The band also covers other pertinent issues such as the Treyvon Martin fiasco in "On Purpose Racist” with biting lines such as "If you go out at night, don’t put your hoodie on/ and whatever you do, don’t brandish Skittles, son.”

The song "Internet Anonymity” consists of everything snarky and clever that you would ever hope to be brave enough to say to an internet bully.  It is an anthem for the rest of us who have ever dealt with THAT guy/girl who have left a negative comment about something you love.  At A Loss, of course, includes a few pop punk style love songs.  ‘Closer To You” and "I Gotta Hold on to You” are both so strangely sweet and heartfelt that are clearly based off real life affections.
Overall, the melodies of the album are catchy and fun.  The lyrics are witty,  humorous and original, making light of the bad and highlighting the good.  Simply stated, At A Loss is a no-brainer addition to any pop punk top 10 list for 2014.


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