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Big Eyes- Hard Life LP (Sale price!)

Big Eyes- Hard Life LP (Sale price!)
Big Eyes- Hard Life LP (Sale price!)
Band/Title: Big Eyes
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Price: $12.99
Product Details
"Give this record one listen, just one listen, and I promise you will be hooked on Big Eyes. Featuring tons of wailing and noodling guitars by guitarist/vocalist Kate Eldridge, and backed by the solid rhythm section of CJ Frederick and Mark Bronzino on drums and bass respectively, the result is a collection of some of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard in a long time. Tracks, like "Your Lies,” and "I Know You’re Wrong,” have a frantic energy and tons of guitar leads, but the band also gets slow and meandering as in the tracks "Different than I Thought,” and "Why Can’t I?” Floating at the perfect point in the middle of the mix of all these songs are Kate’s hard-edged vocals, singing, and occasionally screaming, about love, loss, and attraction. While I can say that I hear influences ranging from ‘60s rock, and ‘70s punk and surf, simple genre descriptions only sell this band short. Their sound captures the best of rock music from several decades, in a way that can only be described as timeless."