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Austerity Program- Bible Songs 1 LP (Sale price!)

Austerity Program- Bible Songs 1 LP (Sale price!)
Austerity Program- Bible Songs 1 LP (Sale price!)
SKU: burn8lp.cob
Band/Title: Austerity Program
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Price: $19.99
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Bible Songs 1 - is an six song record (2019) by the Austerity Program.  

They've been together over two decades and this is more panic-inducing than anything they've done yet.  Yes, the songs are based on Bible verses, so feel free to play it at your scripture reading circle.

All of the wrath of god and none of the salvation.

"It’s somewhat of a relief that this entire experience clocks in at around 23 minutes. Through the 6 tracks on offer, it’s a relentless, bloody and harrowing assault to the senses. The Austerity Program continue their trend of uneasy listening with this caustic and bone-crushingly heavy barrage of uncomfortable and scorched noise rock. There also seems to be only one volume to play this at, which is louder than anything else, so props to the production for being suitably meaty and ear-destroyingly dense in places. Truly masterful, disturbing and great fun in equal measures – a monument to anger and disgust."