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Punk Rock Bowling 2015

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We weren’t lucky enough to be able to attend May’s Punk Rock Bowling extravaganza in Las Vegas but our friend Erin did!  If you did attend what bands did you get to see and what were your favorites?  

This is Erin’s take on PRB………….Enjoy ~


Another Punk Rock Bowling in the books!

This year was my sixth year attending this event and it still remains my favorite American festival for so many reasons. It takes place in downtown Las Vegas during Memorial Day weekend and it’s basically around the clock shows starting with pool parties with bands playing in the early afternoon, followed by the main festival and then numerous club shows every night along Fremont Street.

Everything is within walking distance and you can drink in the streets.

If you have been, you know that the main reason to attend is meeting up with friends. Even the years when the lineup wasn’t so amazing, tons of punks make the commute to the desert to meetup, party and celebrate life and music together. For my friends that live far away this is usually the one time a year we can see each other and catch up. Over the years I’ve also made countless friends through random interactions during the event and they definitely hold a special place in my heart with great memories.



Swingin Utters
Swinging Utters singing to an amazing crowd


Avenue Rockers on stage
Avenue Rockers on stage


prb7If you’ve never attended, I highly recommend you start saving now for next year! You won’t be disappointed! For those of you that missed it this year, live vicariously through my PRB recap video as well as numerous videos of bands who performed over the weekend at



Until next time…

Xo, Erin Micklow

Instagram/Twitter: @erin_micklow

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