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February Fashion Blog with Erin

Posted in Punk Fashion

This past weekend I attended NAMM & rocked some of my new clothing from Angry Young and Poor & some of my tried & true favorites.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with NAMM, it stands for National Association of Music Merchants and it’s
basically a 4 day giant convention where every type of device and musical instrument from companies from all over the world are displayed for wholesalers to purchase & sell in their stores.

Everything related to music is at NAMM & tons of musicians are there too.  I was lucky enough to meet  Tim Armstrong of Op Ivy /Rancid & Elvis Cortez of Left Alone.

NAMM takes place at the end of every January in Anaheim, CA and it only happens once a year.  It’s not open to the public and it’s quite an ordeal to get a badge unless you know someone that can get you registered. Luckily we had a hookup ;-).

In addition to checking out all the instruments and other musical goodies, there’s usually some pretty big musicians that come by their sponsor’s booths (unannounced).  But if you’re in the know and have a bit of luck, you’ll catch your favorite musicians and get to say hey.

NAMM is a ton of fun with music everywhere and numerous after party shows every night when the convention ends. Needless to say, we were EXHAUSTED but very happy and fulfilled after the weekend was over. Can’t wait til next year!

Until next month, keep rockin’!
Erin Micklow
Instagram/Twitter: @erin_micklow


Erin showing off her DIY hand studded Red Leather Jacket, Cock Sparrer Back Patch, Bullet Belt, Creepers and Cardigan from AYP.







Black TUK Creepers



AYP Voodoo Vixen Green Leopard Cardigan, Bullet Belt, & Creepers. DIY Hand Studded bag and Jacket both done by Erin. The Jacket, Pins & Studs are all available at AYP.












Get What Erin Was Wearing All from AYP

Leather Jacket



Bullet Belt

Op Ivy Tee (not cut up)

Voodoo Vixen Green Leopard Cardigan

Band Pins

Back Patches

Studded Cuffs

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