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Father’s Day Styles for Every Type of Dad

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Wondering what to get for all the unconventional dads in your life this Father’s Day? We have your answer! We know it’s not easy finding dad a gift, especially when he’s a one-of-a-kind guy, so we’ve picked out a list of merch to help you find the perfect present!


New Dads

If you know a dad that is celebrating Father’s Day for the first time, make him smile with these irresistible onesies for his newborn!


We’ve all heard of the classic “mom heart tattoo,” so why not have a dad heart tattoo too? The Dad Tattooed Heart on a black onesie by Cartel Ink is a great onesie for the baby to sport on dad’s day! The little one will look adorable and dad will feel like a star with his number one fan wearing his gear!


If you want to take the dad heart tattoo up a level, we suggest the Daddy Heart Onesie by Sourpuss! Dad will be in love with this look! The skull and crossbones patch is a perfect touch to amp up the attitude. Our favorite part about this piece is how comfortable it is! This black lined, red onesie is made of 100% cotton and is sure to keep the little one snug!


If he has a new baby girl, what better to get than this Daddy’s Girl onesie by Cartel Ink! The tattoo style font adds just the right amount of ink to this pink onesie! She’ll be telling everyone that her heart belongs to Daddy on this Father’s Day!


Maybe the new dad you’re buying for loves his tattoos. This unisex My Dad’s Tattoos Are Cooler Than Yours on a black onesie by Cartel Ink is a great Father’s Day outfit for any little one with a tatted-up dad. Dad will be sure to love his number one fan even more when he sees this!


Wanting to show support for dad’s tattoos, but prefer a sportier look? This I Love My Dad & His Tattoos on a red & black onesie by Cartel Ink is exactly what you need. The baseball-style red sleeves and lining contrast the black body of the onesie and, combined with the tattoo styled letters that support dad, make this outfit a fun Father’s Day surprise for any new dad with tats!


There’s not a better outfit for the baby this Father’s Day than this Punk Is Dad on a onesie by Cartel Ink. Keep the punk rock in the family by dressing your mini-me in this onesie! Our favorite part about this is that it comes in black and pink so both boys and girls can tell the world just how punk their dad is!


Slick Dads


If the dad you’re buying for is always perfectly coifed, we suggest you give the gift of pomade! These formulas are our favorite and will completely transform dad’s hair!


We are loving the new Kustom Kreeps Pomade Line by Sourpuss! With different holds and scents, dad’s hair is sure to look and smell fresh all day long! The tins all have different designs that match the theme of that pomade and two of them have hidden creepy crawlers inside. But this line doesn’t just include pomades for your hair! Sourpuss also includes two different mustache waxes & a Switchblade Comb. With this Kustom Kreeps line, the dads in your life will have hair that holds all day and looks great!


At the end of the week, pomade can leave behind a bit of a buildup on the hair. We suggest pairing the pomade with the Tonic Youth 4 oz bottle Hair Tonic by Pomps Not Dead to break down everything left behind! Dad’s hair will be left shiny, slick and nourished after this treatment. The handmade formula is a great gift for every dad trying to keep his hair in good shape!


Of course, we want to make sure all the dads with beards out there are taken care of too! The Concentrated Beard Oil by Layrite is one of the best beard products we carry. This thicker oil formula will reinvent the way dad sees and treats his beard! He will be loving the way this product moisturizes his beard and skin underneath. Give this gift that will make dad feel even more manly.


We couldn’t add all of these hair products without adding a comb to put the hair in place. That’s why we’ve picked out the Kustom Kreeps Switchblade Comb to compliment these products. Dads that are bad to the bone always need to look good and with this comb, they can slick that pomp into place with a just flip.


Dapper Dads

Maybe the dad you’re buying for is sophisticated on the outside but has a heart full of rock. This collection of items we’ve put together is perfect for any dad that loves to personalize his classy look and make a statement.


This Pinstriped Tie from Kustom Kreeps / Sourpuss is a great addition to any dad’s wardrobe. Pair this tie with a black shirt and the pinstripes will transform his outfit from plain to priceless.


If the dad you’re shopping for has a huge personality and isn’t afraid to show it, we suggest The Eyeball Tie from Kustom Kreeps / Sourpuss. This black tie with eyeballs all over is also a great gift for any subversive dads out there. Either way, the tie is bound to make a statement wherever your dad wears it!


Shoes are always a great gift for dads and there is no gift of shoes more personable than the Dr. Martens. These 5 Eye Cherry Smooth Brogue by Dr. Martens and the 5 Eye Black & White Smooth Brogue by Dr. Martens are handmade and sown together to form an iconic look that your dad is sure to love. They are offered in a cherry color and a classic black and white and are even available for special order sizing!

Plaid Dads


What dad doesn’t love plaid? This Father’s Day, spoil your dad with shirts in his favorite style!


If you’re looking for the classic, simple plaid design, then we suggest the Vintage Button-Down Shirt by Warrior Clothing- Kennedy. It is your standard black and white plaid, but on a short sleeve button-down to add a little spunk to dad’s wardrobe. This shirt features a full back pleat and is a great for any dressy dads looking for some fun!


If the black and white plaid is too plain for your dad, try out the Vintage Button-Down Shirt by Warrior Clothing- Thripp to add a splash of color. This shirt features a thick black and white plaid with some green and red thrown in there that adds the perfect twist to any classy dad’s look.


To go all out, the Vintage Button-Down Shirt by Warrior Clothing- Caldo is a great, colorful addition to your dad’s closet. With red, green, blue, black and white, this shirt is bound to make a statement anywhere your dad goes!


Flash Dads


Maybe your dad loves to be flash and dressed to the nines. What better way to top off an outfit than with a couple (or ten!) of our Pins! With such a wide variety of additions to choose from, you are sure to find the right pin compliment not only your dad’s look but his personality as well! The pins above are just a few of our favorites for dad!


Thirsty Dads


Let’s face it, some dads are just thirsty, so what gift would they love more than something to hold their drink! From shot glasses to travel mugs, we have the perfect cup to quench dad’s thirst.


If your dad doesn’t have a matching set of glasses, why not get him this Black Shot Glass Set by Sailor Jerry! The set includes glasses with the Sailor Jerry logo, an anchor, a Sailor girl, and Miss Liberty. The best part about these glasses is that they come already in a gift box to make your wrapping easy!


Does your dad need a flask to carry with him? We suggest the Kustom Kreeps – Streams of Whiskey Flask so wherever your dad goes, the streams of whiskey can accompany him. This flask with a design reminiscent of a tattoo is a great gift for any dad who loves his whiskey.


Our Descendents- Milo Goes to College Coffee Mug is perfect for every dad that is hard-core at heart. They will love this mug that features the classic Milo Goes to College album cover by the Descendents.


If he need to be on the go with his coffee, we suggest the Misfits Fiend Hot or Cold Drink Tumbler from Sourpuss. This to-go cup features the iconic Misfits Crimson Ghost Skull with the skeleton of hands wrapping around the mug. Even though you may feel dead when you wake up, after you get your hands on the coffee in this mug, you will be wide awake.


For all those hardcore dads out there that just need an extra cup of coffee in the morning to get them moving, this Pinstripe Devil Mug from Sourpuss – Red Mug with Black Print is the perfect companion. With a black devil design on a fiery red background, just a glance at this cup would wake anyone up. Your dad will love the design and the statement it makes.


Dad Lids


Every dad loves a good hat, but with the popularity of the “dad hat” growing, why get you dad a typical, mainstream cap? These hats are fun and unique and are a great gift for every dad!


Our favorite hat is the Alliance Snap Back Hat by Brixton- Burgundy / Light Heather Grey. The simple patch design on the burgundy background gives this hat a versatile and fun look that can be worn every day.


If your dad’s a brawler, then we suggest the Barrel Driver Hat by Brixton- Tan. The subtle plaid stitching brings this cap to life, and your dad is bound to love how unique it is!


If your dad is the type of rocker that likes to make a statement, the Rude Boy Hat in BLACK by New York Hat Co. would be perfect for his style! This brimmed, stiff wool felt hat features a removable feather and fits every rude rocker’s personality.


Ultimate Dad Combo


If you want to give your dad the perfect combination of all of our suggestions, we’ve picked out an outfit that we think he will love! The ensemble features the Vintage Button-Down Shirt by Warrior Clothing- Kennedy as a base with the 5 Eye Cherry Smooth Brogue by Dr. Martens for shoes and the Alliance Snap Back Hat by Brixton- Burgundy / Light Heather Grey to finish off the look. And of course, to keep his hair fresh for when he takes the hat off, we’ve added a product from the Kustom Kreeps Pomade Line.


No matter what you give the dads in your life on Father’s Day, if you buy with us, his inner punk kid is guaranteed to love it!

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