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D4- 6Twenty CD (Sale price!)

D4- 6Twenty CD (Sale price!)
D4- 6Twenty CD (Sale price!)
SKU: v227149cd---AMA
Band/Title: D4
Label: V2
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Take the Nuggets-era psychedelic garage guitar attack of the Seeds, the Standells, or the Amboy Dukes, add some Stooges proto-metal and early Brit pub-punk from Eddie & the Hot Rods, then turn it up to 11. Welcome to the D4's world. Unkempt, grimy, and noisy as hell, this New Zealand quartet isn't doing anything that hasn't been done before; they're just doing it louder, faster, and with a heart full of soul. These 13 songs (and three videos) encompass all that any lover of '60s garage rock slobbers for. Jackknife guitars spar with nasal, half sung/shouted vocals and a nonstop nothin'-left-to-lose attitude you thought died with the last great Iggy Pop album. The D4 weren't the only band revisiting this raunchy retro sound in 2002, but on 6Twenty they do it as well, if not better, than as anyone else. Not a hint of pretense makes even the most formulaic tunes and lyrics ("Little Baby," "Party," "Come On!") seem inspired if not quite inspirational. Like the Ramones, this is rock meant to sucker punch listeners in their guts, firing on all six cylinders in a volcanic volley of hooky riffs and simplistic choruses you'll swear you've heard before. Hot, sweaty, and frantic, the D4 have learned their lessons well. It ain't nothin' but a party so enjoy it now and think about it later. ~ Hal Horowitz, All Music Guide

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