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Cropknox- Do What? 7" (Sale price!)

Cropknox- Do What? 7" (Sale price!)
Cropknox- Do What? 7" (Sale price!)
SKU: cropknoxdowhatep
Band/Title: Cropknox
Label: Pure Punk
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Price: $2.50
Product Details
Imported from Italy!

Released in 2005 this European Import was the sonic swan song of the Cropknox - and it was by far their most pissed off release. Continuing with the trade-off duel vocals that they used so much on their early release this record deliver scathing lyrics against business, high-minded bourgeois liberals, and the whole world in general. Do what? also represents a evolution from the fast-but-melodic style the cropknox were known for into a more rock/punk sound (think INEPSY). You can also hear the link from this record to the current ex-cropknox project - PELIGRO SOCIAL.

"From San Francisco come the Cropknox with a brand new single containing 3 raging anthems of rough n rowdy drunk Punk in the vein of Blitz, Abrasive Wheels and Uproar. Cropknox contains members of Peligro Social.  Fans of the Casualties, Unseen, Virus or any other UK 82 influenced bands will dig."

1 Do What?
2 I Despise
3 Sleeping Sound

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