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V/A- They've Taken Everything 2xCD (Sale price!)

V/A- They've Taken Everything 2xCD (Sale price!)
V/A- They've Taken Everything 2xCD (Sale price!)
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A benefit double-CD compilation in memory of deceased ICONS OF FILTH vocalist ANDREW SEWELL (aka STIG), who died following a gig in Hackney, London on October 23rd, 2004. Paying tribute to Stig’s inspiring life and message are thirty-four bands from around the world, almost all being exclusive to this collection. The double sized digipack features cover art by long-time IOF artist SQUEAL plus photos of Stig and IOF—old and new. Also included is a 36-page booklet with a page for each bands’ lyrics, etc. and it all comes wrapped in a gold foil stamped slip case. With: CRUELTY, SCARRED FOR LIFE, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, NO CHOICE, OPPRESSED, LOST CHERREES, HARD SKIN, MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE, C.C.S.S., MDC, AVSKUM, TOXIC NARCOTIC, PHOBIA, RUIN, FILTH OF MANKIND, VAGINALS, MISERY and others.

CD 1 1. Stig - Intro 2. CRUELTY - They Hunt In Packs Of Liars 3. SCARRED FOR LIFE - Blackened Heart 4. EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - What's The Point? 5. NO CHOICE - Change 6. BEHIND ENEMY LINES - Faceless 7. THIS SYSTEM KILLS - Hand of Man 8. THE OPPRESSED - The AFA Song 9. AMBULANCE - Bringing Out The Dead 10. LOST CHERRIES - Realise Not Analyse 11. GURKHA - The Weight 12. HARD SKIN - Fat Bob The Builder 13.MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION - The Cost Is The Earth 14. DISASSOCIATE - Ed Da Gravedigga 15. DRONGOS FOR EUROPE - Breakdown 16. SUICIDE WATCH - Dig Your Own Grave 17. FLEAS AND LICE - Take It Back 18 . MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE Death Is.... CD2 1. C.C.S.S.- One Lie 2. M.D.C. - Long Day, Short Life 3. TRACK THE CURSE - Sirens 4. SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS - Vomit Up Your Paranoia 5. MOLOTOV COCKTAIL - Fuck Music 6. AVSKUM - Post Traumatiskt Helvete 7. TOXIC NARCOTIC - Cockroach 8. PHOBIA - Bush Is Hitler 9. ANIMA MUNDI - They Suffer And They Die 10. FILTH OF MANKIND - The Foundation 11. THE VAGINALS - The Truth 12. RUIN - From The Ruins 13. CONTEMPT FOR HUMANITY - Left To Burn 14. FLYBLOWN - Death Is The Only Release 15. RESIST & EXIST - Discordant Symphony 16. IN THE SHIT - Burning Skies 17. MISERY - Fucked Up State

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