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Cuntz- Solid Mates LP

Cuntz- Solid Mates LP
Cuntz- Solid Mates LP
SKU: homeless12lp.rvr
Band/Title: Cuntz
Label: Homeless
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"Second album of 2013 for Melbourne’s CUNTZ. With ALEX MACFARLANE (BOOMGATES, CONSTANT MONGREL) behind the desk yet again and both camps benefitting from being a year older, CUNTZ have produced another thug punk classic in Solid Mates. The debut Aloha, polarised critics mainly due to the band’s chosen moniker, and those that didn’t get the sardonic humour present missed out on fully enjoying Aloha, although one commenter nailed it when stating ‘…the informed listener can choose to either get it or be put off by the irreverence. Cuntz are dedicated to the hoon, and dedicated to supporting each other in their own respective hoons, and they don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks about that.’ And so, with Solid Mates tucked securely into their pants, CUNTZ are about to embark on their most ambitious project yet with the band undertaking a US tour, commencing September ‘13 and includes an appearance at Gonerfest 10 in Memphis, alongside the Cosmic Psychos, Mudhoney, Wreckless Eric, Quintron and Guitar Wolf. Tour includes shows on the East & West Coast of America. You’ve been warned.”


"...these new Australian bands just continue to kick asses and take names. 'Aloha' kicks off with a massive headache, coming off like Flipper and Venom P. Stinger in a head-on collision. Thank god for them."—RK (Terminal Boredom)

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