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Guantanamo Baywatch- Chest Crawl LP

Guantanamo Baywatch- Chest Crawl LP
Guantanamo Baywatch- Chest Crawl LP
SKU: zzz112lp.rvr---AMA
Label: Dirtnap
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Okay, I'll say it: the High Tension Wires have surpassed the Marked Men. Take that for what it's worth, considering my dubious history in reviewing this band. I panned their first album back in '05, only to recant several weeks later and hail it as one of the best releases of the year. I'm determined to get it right from the start this time. I can't afford to be rewriting reviews, ya know. I've resolved to start making better use of my time. I might try to learn Spanish or take dancing lessons. Anyway...You put this new HTW album up against the last Marked Men album, and I think it kinda creams it. Or at least beats it decisively. I don't think it's that the Marked Men are getting less awesome so much as it's that the Wires are coming on like a wildfire. Midnight Cashier manages to kick up a similarly dizzying pace to the rapid-fire jolt of Send a Message, but everything's just a little better this time. Better songs, sharper hooks, more variety, more sophistication in the writing. If you crave straight-up melodic punk hits, songs like "Hibernate", "Old Enough to be Home Alone", "Wax Lips and Blood on the Telephone", and "Can't Focus" are as catchy, electric, and instantly satisfying as anything off the first LP. The Mike Wiebe/Chris Pulliam songwriting tandem, responsible for the majority of these songs, has become a bona fide force in the punk world. Just when you thought that the superfast pop/punk thing was completely played, along come these songs and this band to make it all feel new again. It makes you wish for ten more albums just like this one! Meanwhile, songs like "Not Enough for Me" and "They Fall Apart" (both Mark Ryan co-writes) show a clear progression forward from the previous record without abandoning the group's trademark catchiness and energy. "The Strange One" has the perfect title. It's strange - but in a entirely good way. As good as Send a Message was, maybe the breakneck velocity of the thing obscured the hooks a little. Midnight Cashier is not exactly elevator music. 11 songs tear by in less than 23 minutes, and seven songs fail to eclipse the two-minute mark. But somehow it feels like the songs have more room to breathe this time. And the handful of tracks that sound a little "different" make the fast songs all the more effective. Without diluting the fury or sizzle of their attack, these guys have demonstrated a bolder vision and a more refined sense of craft. Forget the "side project" pigeonhole - High Tension Wires are an elite punk band in their own right. For sure, they've moved into my personal top ten! -Lord Rutledge

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