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Up For Nothing- In Trance 7" (Sale price!)

Up For Nothing- In Trance 7" (Sale price!)
Up For Nothing- In Trance 7" (Sale price!)
SKU: itsalive75
Band/Title: Up For Nothing
Label: Its Alive
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Price: $2.50
Product Details
Brooklyn’s own best kept secret Up For Nothing are back again with five new songs, a decade under their belt, an impressive list of new friends, and a new found understanding of their own sound. The "In Trance” EP offers the opportunity for this New York trio to flirt with the idea of mixing in their signature 90’s fast, catchy pop/punk sound with a new found level of maturation and structure. Up For Nothing (now over a decade old) have always put out records that can appeal to a wide variety of punks (and punk stylings in general) and this record just widens that spectrum in the best way imaginable. "In Trance” offers five songs that have been delivered with the positivity, unmistakable energy, and unique vocal melodies that have defined this band for it’s entire existence. Blend that in with the remarkable production of New York Hardcore legend Ernie Parada (Token Entry, GreyArea, Black Train Jack) and you have an end result that will take you back to a time when punk rock had more pride then eyeliner and skinny jeans. These songs will raise fists, raise voices, and raise the bar of their own expectations of what they can accomplish through them. It most definitely doesn't hurt Up For Nothing’s true value and stamp on the punk rock scene that these songs were recorded and mixed by Pete Steinkopf (The Bouncing Souls) and mastered by Stephen Egerton (The Descendents). Quite an amazing stat for a local Brooklyn trio that became punks in the first place due to the music created by those bands. It was already nearly impossible to not fall in love with Up For Nothing based on their overall positivity, and work ethic alone, but this recording equipped with the irreplaceable melodies and hooks that it encompasses just further their ability to consume your heart. Through all the various trends that have engulfed and morphed the punk rock scene over the last ten years Up For Nothing have always remained true to what they do and that formula seems to finally be playing off for them. "In Trance” will own you.

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