Off With Their Heads- Home LP

Off With Their Heads- Home LP
Off With Their Heads- Home LP
Label: Epitaph
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Price: $19.99
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4/5 Stars ( review)

Home, Off With Theirs Heads' third full-length, (or fourth, depending on which side of the Hospitals debate you land on) finds the group diving deeper into the rabbit hole of experimentation they began digging on 2010's In Desolation, while still remaining firmly grounded in the realm of gritty pop-punk. As such, it's the rare album that should deflect both "all their albums sounds the same" and "sell out!" accusations.

In Home, Off With Their Heads have crafted an album that should satisfy both fans looking for more of the same, and listeners who like to see the band stretch their legs a bit, creatively. Ryan Young can still out-gruff almost anyone, but he's also using the cleaner voice he debuted on In Desolation more than ever. You can't please all the people all the time, but Home is an admirable attempt to do just that, and an enjoyable listen that can stand proudly among the band's best work.

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