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Creamers- Slow Burn 7" (Sale price!)

Creamers- Slow Burn 7" (Sale price!)
Creamers- Slow Burn 7" (Sale price!)
SKU: secretb001.ebu
Band/Title: Creamers
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Price: $3.50
Product Details
Second 7" from this Austin, TX band who have a nasty, KBD-influenced sound. Thing guitars spurt out melodic riffs that are occasionally reminiscent of their Texas forbears like Really Red, though also recalling early California punk like the Eyes and Rhino 39, while the vocals are snot-fueled rants that bear a passing resemblance to Chavo from Black Flag, but with their own vibe. This band is combining melodic punk and first-gen hardcore in a really unique way that sounds like basically no one else out there. Highly regarded and with good reason. Members of Recide and Bomber.

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