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Dead To Me- African Elephants LP

Dead To Me- African Elephants LP
Dead To Me- African Elephants LP
SKU: fat749lp.fat---AMA
Band/Title: Dead To Me
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Three years after their widely acclaimed debut release, Cuban Ballerina, Dead To Me are back with the long promised follow up full-length, African Elephants. The extra time spent creating and honing the album, while agonizing for fans, proved to be well worth it. From the very first track, the dub inspired X , the maturation of Dead To Mes sound is overtly apparent. What follows is a course of songs that both disarm and captivate the listener while seamlessly switching tempos and genres. African Elephants completely dismantles all preconceived notions that listeners may have form about Dead To Me. Each song is intriguing in its own right from the driving punk classics Modern Muse and Nothin Runnin Through My Brain, to Clash-esque anthem A Day Without War and the contemplative Cruel World. The dual lead vocals intermingle with each other perfectly from track to track, providing a varied yet cohesive vehicle for the album.

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