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Cock Sparrer- Shock Troops LP (Color Vinyl)

Cock Sparrer- Shock Troops LP (Color Vinyl)
Cock Sparrer- Shock Troops LP (Color Vinyl)
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Band/Title: Cock Sparrer
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Price: $15.99
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INFO: "Shock Troops" is the debut album by punk rock band Cock Sparrer released in 1982 on Razor Records. Now available through Pirates Press Records, this pinnacle record is something that should be available and affordable to everyone looking to invest in some punk roots. For the kids... a true punk classic.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Where Are They Now 2. Riot Squad 3. Working 4. Take 'Em All 5. We're Coming Back 6. Watch Your Back 7. I Got Your Number 8. Secret Army 9. Droogs Don't Run 10. Out On An Island

First Pressing 
⁃ 12" Black Vinyl [110pcs - SOLD OUT]
⁃ 12” Black Vinyl in Casewrapped Jacket [275pcs.]
⁃ 12" Oxblood Vinyl (Essentials Boxset) [275pcs. - SOLD OUT]
⁃ 12" Oxblood & Cyan Blue AsideBside Vinyl [440pcs. - SOLD OUT]
⁃ 12" Clear Vinyl [110pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Second Pressing
- 12" Black, White, & Blood Red Tri-Color Vinyl [500pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Third Pressing
⁃ 12" Olive Green, Grey, & Black Triple AsideBside Vinyl [1000pcs - SOLD OUT]

Fourth Pressing
⁃ 12" Milky Clear w/ Black Circle Swatches w/ Grey & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Fifth Pressing
⁃ 12" "St. George's Cross" Vinyl (White with a Blood Red Cross) [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Sixth Pressing
⁃ 12" Glow In The Dark Highlighter Yellow Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Seventh Pressing
⁃ 12" Baby Blue Vinyl w/ Oxblood Stripes Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Eighth Pressing
- 12" Olive Green, Black, Olive Green Stripes w/ White & Blood Red Splatter Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Black, Blood Red, White, Black (4 Pie Slices) Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12" Oxblood and Baby Blue AsideBside w/ White & Silver Splatter Vinyl [1000pcs. - SOLD OUT]
- 12” Clear Vinyl w/ Claret, Baby Blue, Olive, & White Oversized Swatches [100pcs. - SOLD OUT]

Ninth Pressing
- 12" "Random Blend" Vinyl [2000pcs.]

Tenth Pressing
- 12" Ultra Clear w/ Black "Smoke" Vinyl [1000pcs.]
- 12" Olive Green & Swamp Green "Marbled" Vinyl w/ Red Splatter [1000pcs.]

Eleventh Pressing
- 12" Blood Red & Black "Galaxy" Vinyl [1500pcs.]
- 12" Blood Red & White Pinwheel Vinyl [500pcs.]

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