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Off With Their Heads- In Desolation LP

Off With Their Heads- In Desolation LP
Off With Their Heads- In Desolation LP
Label: Epitaph
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Price: $19.99
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Rating: 9

Off With Their Heads make no sense whatsoever. Frontman Ryan Young's honest lyrics are so entrenched in genuine personal despair, and yet they evoke feelings of joy. The follow-up to 08s From The Bottom, this is the Minneapolis quartets debut for Epitaph, again melding feelings of depression to brilliantly written melodic punk songs. It almost feels wrong bouncing around and smiling to songs like All I Can Do, in which Young growls: I lay in bed, defeated and broken, sick to death of the pain inside of me. But one would hope this band streamlines his catharsis, and its certainly affecting to hear someone who can express these emotions in such poetic style while thrashing out unfeasibly awesome, uplifting tunes. Elsewhere, he addresses the side effects of substance abuse in Trying To Breathe: I say things that I cant take back, I torch bridges while I attack them, I compensate by laying myself out flat. This isnt a sorrowful indulgence though; its a glorious outburst of emotion expressed in anthemic aggression. In Desolation isnt a record that wails in its trauma, its an album that channels its subject matter through an infectious rage. If you feel shit, listen to Off With Their Heads. If you feel great, listen to Off With Their Heads. Either way, they'll enhance your mood, because In Desolation is great.

For fans of: Dillinger Four, The Ergs!, Smoke Or Fire

(Tim Newbound,


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