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JS Sloane

JS Sloane

Introducing JS Sloane Co. Bespoke gentlemen’s grooming products.

The quest for the perfect grooming product, and a passion for all things distinguished and refined, led to Joann Kuno and Smutty Smiff to create JS Sloane Co. Friends since the late 80s, the pair bonded over a shared love of Hollywood’s golden era and the distinguished and dashing leading men of the silver screen. With this dapper gent in mind, they developed their first product offering: a trio of bespoke grooming essentials. Heavyweight Brilliantine, Middleweight Brilliantine, and High Gloss Top Coat each offer a modern take on old-school men’s hair dressing.

The Concept

Joann and Smutty wanted to bring back the sensibility of grooming-as-ritual and the notion that being well-groomed was a prerequisite to social interaction. They took on one of hair styling’s oldest and most revered products: brilliantine. Also known as pomade, or more commonly hair grease, this scented hair oil seemed as frozen in time as big studio publicity still. Their goal was to create a modern-day version the classic gentlemen’s brilliantine with all the benefits, none of the drawbacks, and more than a little masculine elegance.

The Products

This new take on the classic brilliantine has been perfected and reformulated to offer the most desirable characteristics of the pomades, waxes, and hair greases of old but without any of the undesirable traits such as greasiness, heaviness, drying, and being impossible to wash out. These negatives have been replaced by a dapper-gentleman’s wish-list of benefits: superb hold, styling ease, unbeatable hold that’s soft to the touch, and best of all, washing out with nothing more than H2O. The pearlized retro-pink pomade has a fresh scent, a cloud-light texture and comes in two ready-for-close-up formulas: heavyweight and middleweight. Hollywood-legend good looks are at your fingertips.

The Packaging

Low-profile retro amber jars with tin lids embellished with cigar band labels. The packaging hits all the right notes and looks smart on the bathroom shelf: masculine, handsome, clean and modern with an air of vintage haberdashery.
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