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No we don’t make wide leg bondage pants. We don’t make boot cut jeans. We don’t do straight leg. We don’t make Halloween costumes. We don’t make anything that sparkles. We aren’t here to cash in on the trendy dollar. We don’t sell to hot topic. We back our scene.

Dogpile Punk Clothes - Why we do it?

Punk rock music has been and always will be the driving force in the motivation to create original and innovative punk rock clothes for individuals who are brave enough to embrace their individuality and say fuck you to standards of "good taste" set by a society of hypocritical know-nothings.

Punk music is the reason DOGPILE Punk Rock Clothes was started over 15 year ago.

With a can of spray paint, some stencils, and an idea to always stay true to yourself without compromise. We welcome with open arms the misfits, the freaks, the odd and offensive, the people for who Punk Clothes are not a hot new trend currently sweeping our nations malls, but a birthright given at a time when the doctor swatted yer ass and you swung back! These are the people we call to arms to join the Dogpile Army!
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