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Weekend Nachos- Punish And Destroy LP

Weekend Nachos- Punish And Destroy LP
Weekend Nachos- Punish And Destroy LP
SKU: deepsix251lp.ebu---AMA
Band/Title: Weekend Nachos
Label: Deep Six
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Price: $12.99
Product Details
Weekend Nachos is a fairly typical example of modern power violence, combining the well-known formula of mixing fast passages with slow passages. They also got this vocal style you can often hear in this genre, which is a weird form of hardcore shout which sounds kind of like something is stuck in the throat of the vocalist. Punish And Destroy was the first full length these blokes released back in 2007. Varied songs with tempo changes, heavy as hell sludge parts, raging fast power violence parts mid-tempo hardcore rockers. Their later records basically expand on various elements already found here. They are also plain good songwriters. They know when to shift gears drastically in terms of both increasing the tempo as slowing all the way down. If you like to mosh this is perfect for some of that. The sound also is really damn good for a debut album. Everything sounds full and powerful. If you are new to power violence this is a good record to start with. This is very well produced and not as rampantly chaotic as some of the more extreme bands like say Sick/Tired or The Afternoon Gentlemen. They already show that they are skilled song and riff writers here and they would only get better at that game. Come on and join us in the pit.

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