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Speedways- Radio Sounds LP (Import)

Speedways- Radio Sounds LP (Import)
Speedways- Radio Sounds LP (Import)
Band/Title: Speedways
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POWER POP heaven is open, no RVSP! It´s 20/20 in 2020! The SPEEDWAYS did it again! "Radio Sounds" is the follow up of their highly acclaimed debut album "Just Another Regular Summer". It is all you need when you love guitar driven infectious pop music with the knack of early punk on BOMP or STIFF RECORDS. Singer Matt is a young Phil Seymour, with his warm, heart broken, pressed vocals is push this high fidelity melodies fest. At ALIEN SNATCH! we´re addicted power pop, and the more we love it, we narrow the road & raise the hurdle for modern bands higher and higher, as if any new record must stand the test vs the complete genre history. Don´t ask us why, it should be music for millions! Listen to " Good Girls Don´t Break Hearts" - the enthusiasm auto-diagnosis is easy, goosebumbs when the song start, some kind of alert mode about a killjoy, turning to total excitment-clinch-your-first-and-sing-along when the chorus sets in again! SPEEDWAYS bring back the AM radio days to your living room. It´s like sadly missed EXPLODING HEARTS doing PLIMSOULS and RECORDS, it´s a ´70s records cut-out dream, take the, A's out the stash with some island rocknroll of JAGS & & STARJETS & JETZ. "Radio Sounds" comes with a ace four-page pop-art fanzine style insert, sleeved in 1980 technycolor sleeve. Take the #1s, and the SPEEDWAYS and you got the power pop spearheads right now and Mauro, Adrian, Kris and Matt are dedicated to their mission and pour out their rocknroll hearts on stage. Seems ages ago, SPEEDWAYS been the last band we´ve seen before lockdown, we´re so happy seen two sets at two different locations one evening in Berlin in March. After TV CRIME, second band out of Notthingham on ALIEN SNATCH! in a short time. It´s the water! Besides ALIEN SNATCH! this record is co-released by HURRAH!,SNAP! and BELUGA (as only label with no exclamation mark), ha! Anyway, this is going to be everywhere. Enjoy!

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