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Spazz- Dwarf Jester Rising LP

Spazz- Dwarf Jester Rising LP
Spazz- Dwarf Jester Rising LP
SKU: 625p230lp.ebu
Band/Title: Spazz
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Product Details
The debut LP from Spazz from 1994, available again on vinyl for the first time in almost 20 years. The rarest of the Spazz LPs, "Dwarf" is Spazz's most stripped down and raw full-length, re-mastered and re-released by 625 for all of the vinyl addicts out there.


1. Loach
2. Droppin' Many Ravers
3. Doo Doo Dah
4. Lethal
5. Sweatin' To The Oldies
6. Violated
7. Hairfarmer
8. Force Fed
9. Slow Death
10. Egg On The Hirax Cover
11. Deviant
12. Indentured
13. Doormat
14. Burning Tongue
15. The Box
16. Hard Boiled
17. M.P.S.
18. No Thought
19. Pressure
20. Sand In The Face
21. All Urban Outfield
22. Super Saucer Sacrifice
23. Might For Right
24. Running Man
25. Little Dinkums

Format: color LP