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Real McKenzies- Westwinds LP

Real McKenzies- Westwinds LP
Real McKenzies- Westwinds LP
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Band/Title: Real McKenzies
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For the past 20 years, the ferocious gang of miscreants known as THE REAL MCKENZIES has been captivating audiences around the globe with their addictive, uncompromising and undeniably heartfelt music. Featuring a diverse and insanely talented roster of musicians, they draw on both acoustic and electric instruments to blend a potent concoction of classic punk, rock n’ roll, hard folk and traditional Celtic influence. Anthemic guitars and soaring bagpipes play off each other as Paul McKenzie spins yarns of times long past and regales with tales of endless drunken revelries. Blistering punk rock boot stompers stand alongside passionate singalong ballads while good times and joyous camaraderie are always the order of the day. Their latest offering, Westwinds, is packed to the brim with roaring, rollicking and epic tales that shanghai the listener on a thirteen song, sea-tossed journey through the wild and wonderful world of THE REAL MCKENZIES. Recorded over several months at Crabapple Downs by the phenomenal Steve Loree, Westwinds is a sonic wassail that intoxicates the listener throughout. From the unapologetic raised middle figure salute of "Fool’s Road”, to the hook-laden tongue-in-cheek "My Luck Is So Bad”, to one of the most poignant and blood-pumping renditions of "Barrett’s Privateers” (Stan Rogers) that you’ll ever hear, this killer album is set to become an instant classic in the collections of both new and diehard fans alike. Having shared the stage with the likes of Rancid, NOFX, Flogging Molly, The Misfits, Pennywise, Shane McGowan and Metallica (to name a few), it is patently clear that the MCKENZIES thrive in a live setting. Regardless of the venue, this unstoppable touring machine of road-hardened traveling minstrels, is singular in its purpose: to share their Celtic/punk gospel with the masses. Which is just what they’ll be doing in support of their latest triumph, Westwinds.