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Pixies- Indie Cindy 2xLP & CD

Pixies- Indie Cindy 2xLP & CD
Pixies- Indie Cindy 2xLP & CD
Band/Title: Pixies
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Forewarning: if you see tears on your screen, it’s not because I’m crying…I’ve just got some magic Pixie-dust in my eyes.

The Pixies, like a phoenix that is continuosly and gloriously reborn from its own ashes, unleash its latest fiery return to alt-rock-pop dominance they unknowingly claimed in the late 80s and early 90s with Indie Cindy, their first full-length studio album since 1991’s Trompe le Monde.

Even the loss of Kim Deal’s plain ridiculous bass skills and a torturously long hiatus couldn’t slow these mischievous elves as they toiled away in their surrealist sonic workshop making toys for us music nerds. You just can’t kill the Pixies, and why would anyone want to? They are seemingly immortal in the current lineup of founding members Black Francis (vocals/guitars) and Joey Santiago (guitars) along with David Lovering (drums/backing vocals). With Simon "Ding” Archer (PJ Harvey/The Fall) tracking bass in the studio and Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle) slappin’ the bass on tour, the Pixies are proving once again they are a modern reincarnation of the legendary hydra. How many mythological creatures can I fit in before you realize the return of the Pixies is a big fucking deal?

After almost a decade of no Pixies, fans old and new have embraced all of the band’s new music, which started with the single "Bagboy,” the first song released since their reformation in 2004. Releasing the aptly-titled eight track EP1 in September 2013, followed by another eight tracks for EP2 in January 2014 and three new tunes on the just released EP3 in March 2014, Indie Cindy contains a glorious compilation of all of their latest music in one place!

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