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Lagwagon- Let's Talk About Feelings 2xLP (Reissue With Bonus Tracks)

Lagwagon- Let's Talk About Feelings 2xLP (Reissue With Bonus Tracks)
Lagwagon- Let's Talk About Feelings 2xLP (Reissue With Bonus Tracks)
SKU: fat785lp.fat
Band/Title: Lagwagon
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Product Details
This is the 2xLP reissue! Consist of the original tracklist plus demos, outtakes, ep’s, b-sides. 26 tracks.

It’s been said the only reliable things in life are death and taxes. Maybe it’s time to add Lagwagon to that list.
With Let’s Talk About Feelings, the band’s fifth full-length release, Lagwagon follows through on the sound laid out in its previous records. Though the band makes little effort at all to twist its sound in any new directions, listeners of Feelings will be hard pressed to say Lagwagon has found themselves in a rut.
Hard, fast and aggressive, Lagwagon continues to play to its strengths, with a pair of steaming guitars driving the band’s sound, backed up by an equally driving rhythm section. It’s hard to blame Lagwagon for sticking to its successful formula; it would be surprisingly easy for the band to push itselft past its artistic limits while trying to redefine itself, resulting in a washed-out mess. Like the Ramones, Lagwagon knows its sound, and unabashedly sticks to it.

That is not to say the band hasn’t grown however. Where once the band featured only forceful arrangments, more subtelty lies beneath the band’s aggressive sounds. With more intricate songwriting showing up in tracks like "Messengers," featuring rich guitar work buried underneath the layers of fuzz and mach-speed arragnement, and "May 16," which pulls off the coupling of the band’s high-speed attack with highly emotional songwriting.

Lead Singer Joey Cape’s lyrical abilities have also grown along with the band. Songs like "Leave the Light On" and "Owen Meany" drip with personal struggles and emotion, though are still easy for listeners to identify with.

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