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Impulse International- Run And Hide/Arm The Girls 7" (Sale price!)

Impulse International- Run And Hide/Arm The Girls 7" (Sale price!)
Impulse International- Run And Hide/Arm The Girls 7" (Sale price!)
SKU: deranged116.ebu
Label: Deranged
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Price: $2.50
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From the ashes of DIRT BIKE ANNIE comes the IMPULSE, INT’L. – a trio from New Jersey that delivers 2 excellent guitar driven powerpop gems. They mix the guitar hooks of the REAL KIDS with the upbeat tempo of UK powerpopers the BUZZCOCKS.

Straight to the point, this is a great single. I mean a really great single! Both sides are absolute brilliance. Two songs that perfectly illustrate why singles rule. "Arm the Girls" and "Run and Hide" will make you feel completely alive. So catchy it's unreal. Power pop done right. Sounds like something Bomp! would have released thirty years ago, and yet this is in the here and now, fresh and with a shelf life longer than a box of Twinkies. -- Matt Average

Snappy, poppy, and as jumpy as a '77 punk on a pogo stick. Sharp bursts of the JAM mix in with that super rare power pop sound from the late 70's that all the kids seem to be rubbing balls to nowadays. The tunes will stick - you'll be singing these ones all the way to the dole office and back. If you've been digging the TRANZMITORS GENTELMEAN JESSE, STATUES and all the other new breed of punked up mods then you'll absolutely love this. Another winner from the label you all love to hate... get over it. (MRR #301)

Hitting with the same kinetic hyperactivity of Peter and the Test-Tube Babies’ classic "Banned from the Pubs”, "Arm the Girls” is a track designed for those who loved punk’s earliest, most pure elements. I loved the energy and enthusiasm here, and any song that ahs the lyrics, "We had alcohol, I spent the night in her room” is fine by me! The B-side is similar in nature to its counterpart, with a pure 60’s rock sound that would make the members of the Dave Clark Five smile. The pounding, rhythmic force of "Run and Hide” was a shot of pure sugar. The chorus, partly due to its simplicity and partly due to its hook, will not leave your brain for days. Go get this! (Jersey Beat Columns)

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