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Impulse International- Point Of Action LP

Impulse International- Point Of Action LP
Impulse International- Point Of Action LP
SKU: deranged155lp.ebu---AMA
Label: Deranged
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"Heart- breakingly great garage pop with a timeless vibe. Perfect guitar power pop to die for, beyond infectious. Check it out if ya like the Beat, Shoes, Pointed Sticks, Exploding Hearts, etc.

Wow! I put on the Impulse disc for the first time, and within 30 seconds, I was madly dashing towards my CD burner with visions of copying this thing for all of my friends, neighbors, ex-lovers, servants, business associates, and casual acquaintances. Then I remembered that I don't have a CD burner. Shit.

The Impulse represents for New York City/north Jersey but sounds straight out of 1979 LA. In a winning and completely unaffected way, this trio evokes the sound and spirit of bands like The Nerves, 20/20, and The Beat. These recordings could easily pass for a long-lost demo from some great, unknown powerpop group from "back in the day". The band's complete disregard for the past three decades of musical progress, while clearly a virtue, is not the whole story here. The group's greatest strength is its extraordinary songwriting chops. Clearly these three have the talent and sensibility to craft pop songs as memorable and infectious as their heroes'. Adam Rabuck (ex Dirt Bike Annie) has got the intricacies of the skinny tie era's vocal stylings down pat, and the no-frills production preempts the sort of modern sheen that often makes contemporary powerpop feel all wrong. But none of that would mean jack if the songs were not fucking great. "Arm the Girls" is the best song I've heard all year, and I'll have to weep for at least seven continuous minutes if it does not appear on an "official" release by the end of 2007. Most of these songs are not merely catchy - they come through with big hooks and indelible melodies redolent of radio hits of yore.

Rather than seeming stuck in 1979, this band exists in a timeless dimension where good music still rules the airwaves and Paul Collins' mythical rock n' roll girls swarm the streets. And in this dimension, "Hollywood Underground" and "Beat Of My Soul" are chart-topping singles adored by millions, routinely piped through the P.A.s of swimming pools, arcades, amusement parks, and mall food courts from coast to coast. The song "Ev'rywhere I Go" reminds me of being a little kid and spending entire summers within earshot of a radio. It's the kind of song that will probably be lost on younger generations - if you grew up with crappy music on the radio, you might have to wonder why this guy wants to have the radio on while he's eating breakfast and watching TV! But man, there was once a time...and The Impulse is taking me back.
Now Wave Nation, say hello to your next favorite band.

(Lord Rutledge)

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