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Hummingbird Of Death / Cold World- Split LP

Hummingbird Of Death / Cold World- Split LP
SKU: deepsix196lp.ebu
Label: Deep Six
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HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH have released many a split 7-inch since its inception in 2005. The band’s earlier material largely takes after its name: short and high-strung. In fact, the songs are so short and fast that HOD packs in the same amount of songs onto a 7-inch that some bands barely fit on a double-LP. That said, there isn’t much that largely distinguishes HOD’s particular brand of loud, fast screaming and snarling from other bands that have "of Death” tacked onto their names. HOD have never been a band that just sticks within the comfort zones of the genre, opting instead to experiment and push it into territories that most don’t dare to go, and they actually pull it off with great results. These songs are fast and furious the whole way through, but not spazzy and schizophrenic. It’s like the usually A.D.D. freaks took some chill pills and said to each other— "Hey guys, let’s actually play some of these riffs for more than two measures” while also showing some black-metal-sounding chord progressions, some death metal vocals thrown in at one point, and some thrashy crossover riffs.

 Austria’s COLD WORLD bring an abrasive hardcore/thrash/powerviolence attack to this release with plenty of speed and fury, taking influence from bands like SIEGE, NEANDERTHAL, CROSSED OUT and INFEST.

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