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Hubris- Base Desire 7" (Sale price!)

Hubris- Base Desire 7" (Sale price!)
Hubris- Base Desire 7" (Sale price!)
SKU: cricketc008.ebu
Band/Title: Hubris
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Price: $3.50
Product Details
Laying down a litany of anger against an unjust world, Hubris comes thrashing up from the lost landscapes of Washington, DC to herald a terrifying battle cry for the pound of flesh owed to the dispossesed. Blown out and brutal beyond description, this solemn mob hurls the razorwire along the spine of such other unappologetically angry crust merchants as His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, and From Ashes Rise. Cricket Cemetery has not even attempted to corral this wild mare, instead, feeding off Hurbris’ kinetic ferrality, the label has laid a path for the group’s newest weaponery, the "Base Desire” 7”. Here you will find four more odes to white hot rage, aimed at the iron fist of power. From the bombardment of chaos that is, "Chosen Few,” to the bone breaking sludge of, "Dejected,” "Base Desire,” brings four Hubris howls that will punch you in the gut, and demand to know why you ever gave up the fight. Members of Bitter American, Natural Law, Deathrats, Lotus Fucker.

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