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Headies- Meta-Pop LP (Sale price!)

Headies- Meta-Pop LP (Sale price!)
Headies- Meta-Pop LP (Sale price!)
SKU: soo54lp.hci
Band/Title: Headies
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The Headies are back with what may be their best album to date, Meta-Pop. It’s going to be out on Runner Up records on July 13th, but if you can’t wait for that you can go on over to the band’s bandcamp and get it for a donation based download right now. I highly recommend you do that, and buy the LP when it comes out because this thing is great. The first thing you’ll notice when you listen to this is that the band has added a keyboard to the mix, it’s a little weird at first but you get use to it pretty quick, sometimes it’s kind of like The Headies fused with Reggie and the Full Effect, other times it just turns up the fun to eleven and channels Andrew W.K. like in ‘Kelly Wears Keds’. They basically take that great fun rock sound of the Headies and take it to the next level here. Though there is one song that kind of sticks out ‘Cold Fresh Air’ doesn’t quite sound like your normal Headies song, but it’s still a great one. If you like fun and you like punk rock and pop I can’t stress how much you need to hear this album, its crazy fucking good. Fourteen songs, most of which are right around a minute long, you can’t go wrong with this. Right now I’m listening to it for the third time in a row!


1. Good Morning Miss Bliss
2. (Suspended) Adolescent Frustration
3. Please Kill Me
4. Cold Fresh Air
5. Kelly Wears Keds
6. I Tried But Now I Don’t Care
7. Copy Cat
8. I’m Too Rough
9. Anna Lee
10. Meta-Pop
11. Things Inside of Me
12. Fantasy Novels
13. Ten Shades of Blue
14. Calling Dr. Howard

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