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HOLLYWOOD- Stunts LP (Sale price!)

HOLLYWOOD- Stunts LP (Sale price!)
HOLLYWOOD- Stunts LP (Sale price!)
SKU: bigneck80lp.atv
Label: Big Neck
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Price: $9.99
Product Details
On their debut studio album, Stunts, HOLLYWOOD (Spelled with Caps) – the band, from Baltimore – the city… have balanced the blown out sound of their first singles (compiled on 2009’s Hits! An All Time Low that was released on Big Neck Records) with 12 newly spit shined punk rock ‘n’ roll tunes. After former guitarist Christian Death moved across the country to start The Mean Jeans, the former trio expanded into a five piece. While no members were hurt during the recording of Stunts, the sounds captured could bare the warning: KIDS, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Over budget and plagued by delays, Stunts took after its namesake, producing minor injuries, and calling in trained professionals.

Recorded by Cat Freeland at Beat Babies Studios, and mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond at his famous Ghetto Recorders: responsible for modern classics from The Dirtbombs, Andre Williams, The Ponys, Compulsive Gamblers, Bantom Rooster , and The Clone Defects to name but a few. Stunts perspective listener is advised to proceed with safety goggles and flame retardant pantaloons: "(Scary) Cemetery” opens the album in the key of demonic blues punk dirge, complete with fuzzy strings, exploding reverb, and a boogie-woogie- man, chorus. "Fire & Grits” is one-half hillbilly and one-half punk, in the spirit of The Cramps, with added cowbell and a breakdown inspired from Juicy Jay’s "Fiyayaya Weed.” "Doctors Note” deploys a glam-rock-waltz set to the tune of a day in bed after a night of cough syrup, while "Toe-to-Toe” momentary gets you back on your feet with a cave stomp ode to fighting and fornication; buzzsaw guitars? Check. Hippy percussion? Check. Songs about cleavage put to Macgyver-esque ends on "Treasure Chest”, an angry eunuch on "Hater (by Nature)”, and a Nazi film industry on "Sieg Hollywood” keep their tongues planted firmly in cheek, but are captured here with the primal ardor that hold turn to the bands wildly unhinged live act.

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