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Grade 2- Break The Routine LP (Neon Violet Vinyl)

Grade 2- Break The Routine LP (Neon Violet Vinyl)
Grade 2- Break The Routine LP (Neon Violet Vinyl)
SKU: pir228lp.pir
Band/Title: Grade 2
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Just one year after the release of their highly acclaimed Mainstream View, Grade 2 dropped this incredible record, Break the Routine. The band amazingly managed to further mature their sound and song writing ability, thickening their intense barrage on the scene, and quickly bringing this band into everyone's sights. With the hard hitting vocals from Sid and melodic vocals from Jack, the two make for a great duo with a fantastic balance, keeping things punchy and catchy. The memorable choruses, catchy guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and the powerful drumbeats show that the boys clearly have a new and brilliant understanding of how to make great music. Furthermore, it's with this record that they have proven that they are no longer just boys; they are professional musicians here to make their mark. So make sure you stick around, pick up these records and learn all the hits- because what's around the corner is gonna be exciting...

  • 1 Devils Dance Hours
  • 2 Pubwatch
  • 3 Groundhog Day
  • 4 Hearts of Gold
  • 5 Mr. Industry
  • 6 Money in the Game
  • 7 Turning the Tide
  • 8 Falling Bridges
  • 9 Medina Snake
  • 10 Procrastinator
  • 11 The Life and Tales (Of Danny Ghoul)