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Fit For An Autopsy- Severed Survival (Surgeons Cover) LP (Red Marble Vinyl)

Fit For An Autopsy- Severed Survival (Surgeons Cover) LP (Red Marble Vinyl)
Fit For An Autopsy- Severed Survival (Surgeons Cover) LP (Red Marble Vinyl)
Band/Title: Fit For An Autopsy
Label: Peaceville
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Price: $36.99
Product Details
Marking 35 Years Of Autopsy's Seminal 1989 Debut Of Highly Influential Death Metal. Presented On Limited Red/Black Gore Marble Vinyl, Including 4-Page Booklet. "Surgeons" Cover Artwork Edition. One of the early death metal acts, & no stranger to controversy over the years, Autopsy formed in 1987 in San Francisco, & released 4 albums on Peaceville Records before disbanding in 1995. Autopsy subsequently re-emerged after an almost 15-year hiatus with the 'The Tomb Within' EP, leading to a string of high-calibre releases, showing none of the fire had been extinguished, & continuing a longstanding & lasting legacy. The band features legendary drummer Chris Reifert, who began his recording career with US metal greats, Death, before taking on the unusual duty of handling drums & vocals for Autopsy, alongside longstanding riff-masters Eric Cutler & Danny Coralles. Autopsy has influenced a whole generation of extreme metal bands, from Entombed & Dismember to Darkthrone. 'Severed Survival' is rightly hailed as one of death metal's finest releases; a completely rotten & uncompromising sound full of dirty, sludgy, death & doom metal mixed with repulsive tales of death & disease, festering ears & minds for 35 years. This special 35th anniversary limited pressing of Autopsy's seminal debut is presented on red/black gore marble vinyl, including four-page booklet with a new in-depth interview with the band conducted by Dennis Dread. The 'Severed Survival' anniversary is marked by two versions; one featuring the original controversial "hooks" cover artwork (Kent Mathieu) which was initially banned & also a version containing the replacement "surgeons" cover (Kev Walker).

  • 1 Charred Remains (03:40)
  • 2 Service for a Vacant Coffin (02:50)
  • 3 Disembowel (04:04)
  • 4 Gasping for Air (03:19)
  • 5 Ridden with Disease (04:44)
  • 6 Pagan Saviour (04:10)
  • 7 Impending Dread (04:46)
  • 8 Severed Survival (03:28)
  • 9 Critical Madness (04:32)
  • 10 Embalmed (03:02)
  • 11 Stillborn (02:50)