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Fight- Endless Noise LP (White Vinyl) (Sale price!)

Fight- Endless Noise LP (White Vinyl) (Sale price!)
Fight- Endless Noise LP (White Vinyl) (Sale price!)
SKU: tripleb127lp
Band/Title: Fight
Label: Triple B
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Price: $15.99
Product Details
I week and a half ago, I saw some punk bands play in a basement, and this was probably the last show I’ll see for months. It was a good one to go out on. One of those bands was the Fight, who make a hard, nasty, rigorous version of old-school hardcore punk. That shit sounded really good in the basement that night, and it sounds almost as good in my house, right now. The Fight have a new EP. It is worth your time.

The Fight come from Long Island, and their first release was a 2017 EP called Nuke Long Island. Their sound is raw and fast and ugly, and it combines the early pit-fight sound of ’80s New York hardcore with the raging singalong camaraderie of UK street-punk. Anthony Corallo, current drummer for ’80s NYHC warriors Sheer Terror, produced Endless Noise, the band’s new EP. Endless Noise smashes through eight songs in less than 15 minutes. "Clenched Fist Of Human Greed” and "Promised Land,” the two songs that the band released last year, are on here. So is "Their New Aesthetic,” one of my favorite hardcore songs of last month.

The Fight are the sort of band who make sense in an insane and dying world. Frontman Kyle Fee’s voice is a concussive bark-growl, and his lyrics are pure apocalyptic fury. (On "Counting Days”: "Nothing left but pain and sorrow/ There is no tomorrow.”) The music thrashes and kicks and bruises. Some of us need this kind of thing right about now. Listen to Endless Noise below.

ONLY 500 copies made, 200 being available on colored vinyl so get your copy now before they're gone!

1. Endless Pain
2. Their New Aesthetic
3. One In The Mirror
4. The Clenched Fist Of Human Greed
5. Two On Every Corner
6. Counting Days
7. Promised Land
8. Shoah


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